13 Great Movie Villains

It’s nearly Halloween so how about a list? Not good enough, you say? How about a list that has 13 items? Spooked yet? No? Okay wait, there’s more. How about a list of some of the baddest dudes and ladies in film history? You usually know a great villain when you’ve seen one. They’re the guys you love to hate (or hate to love). They’re either so repulsively evil that you ache to see their comeuppance or have such charisma that they’re fascinating to watch. Villains have been known to steal the scene from their top-billed adversaries and become the most memorable part of a movie. Writers like to write them and actors like to play the parts. Other times they may be understated, tragic, and even sad. Regardless, every story needs conflict and the villain embodies it. They are the source of corruption or encroaching danger that a hero struggles against. READ FULL ARTICLE