Welcome to Raptor Reviews!

Raptor Reviews is dedicated to providing quality, in-depth movie reviews as well as film related articles, lists and discussion.  The site was conceived with the goal of offering opinions from multiple reviewers who are up front about their preferences and biases, so that you could choose to listen to those voices most likely to coincide with your own. Although right now it’s pretty much just me, Brother Reed.

On the Reviews page, you can see a list of all the films we’ve covered so far, and more are most definitely on the way. Check out the Articles as well for fun stuff like lists, because maybe raptors are OCD and love lists. In addition, if you want to know how the movie rating scale works, click here for an explanation of the Raptor Meter.

Raptor Reviews is brand new and so we will hopefully be undergoing a lot of growth.  Check back every so often to see what’s new.  And remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend.