7 Scariest Horror Movies

Not my favorite horror movies, necessarily; or the best, or the most classic. No, these are the seven films that, during the course of my life, have made me gasp, gotten under my skin, creeped me out, and just plain scared my ever-loving pants off. Despite being somewhat of a lightweight when it comes to the genre, I really appreciate that rare film that can do more than simply make me jump or gross me out. Any movie can make me jump. A loud noise accompanied by almost any sudden image is enough to accomplish that. Likewise, a movie with decent effects and half-competent actors can gross me out. I’m not a gore-hound, so it doesn’t take that much. You see, I have a pretty good imagination. So when a movie partners with me to stir that imagination, it might be a terrifying ride, but it’s still a ride. That’s why we watch horror films anyway, isn’t it?

These are the movies I don’t want to watch alone, won’t image search after dark, and definitely shouldn’t ever think about after I’ve gone to bed. These are my seven scariest horror movies.