April 2014


As most of you know, last week my appendix decided to mutiny against my body and was promptly and forcibly exiled. This took its toll on the remaining body systems which have been in recovery mode ever since. Naturally this left me lying on the couch quite a bit and it was the perfect time to try out yet more shows that people keep telling me I need to watch. I’ve been mostly just watching the first episode of a given series and trying to judge the style of the show based on that, to see if anything grabs me and demands that I continue watching. Included here are my initial impressions of the shows I sampled. READ FULL ARTICLE


Can we talk about movie trailers for a minute? I’ve been lucky enough to see a couple of PG-rated movies in the theater lately, a fact I tend to forget until I’m treated to a barrage of trailers for family-friendly CG-fests like Free Birds, Mr. Peabody, and The Nut Job. I generally don’t mind this as they’re harmless enough. There has always been disposable crap marketed at kids just like there is to adults and I’m sure as a child some of it amused me; and of course, some movies with children as a key demographic are genuinely great. There is a reason I bought tickets to The Lego Movie and Frozen, which is how I even came to be aware Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue in the first place. It’s also how I spent two of the most baffling minutes of my life viewing the debacle that is the trailer. READ MORE