2017 was a movie year marked by what I would call uncommon consensus. It’s not that everyone liked all the same movies, but, well, everyone kind of liked all the same movies.

Upstart movies like Get Out and Lady Bird were immediate hits with critics and audiences alike, which held all the way through awards season where both are now Best Picture nominees. Lacking a high-profile foreign-language crossover like Toni Erdmann, critical opinion coalesced around a few arty indies like Personal Shopper, A Ghost Story, Call Me By Your Name, and The Florida Project. Audience favorites Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright released Dunkirk and Baby Driver respectively to positive box-office and generally good reviews. Audiences loved The Greatest Showman and Beauty and the Beast – again. They hated Darren Aronofsky’s mother! with a fiery but not altogether unexpected hatred.  READ FULL ARTICLE